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Kirk and the incredible Tina Guo - Grammy Nominated Cellist  (Wonderwoman 2017)
Hands With the Devil (Hit 'n Strum 2012)

Music and STORIES

What we think is important changes throughout our lives.  As young children it was sweets and playtime.  As teenagers maybe it was our first crush, or our first glimpse of independence.  As young adults it's survival, success, and recognition.  If we become parents, our children become the most important thing we have ever known.  In our old age the most important thing is time.  After we die, the most important thing is the story we leave behind. 

Stories are without a doubt the most important and powerful tool on earth.  No military weapon, no scientific discovery, no artificial intelligence; nothing has the power of a story.  If you don’t believe me, just read the Christian bible or the Koran. Stories create countries, wars, religions, famine, opinions, corruption.  And they also create civilization, tolerance, love, peace, inspiration, and deep human connections.  

We can never see our own story because we are too close to it, but when we hear someone else's story, we can step back and learn from it.  This is why I chose to become a filmmaker and a singer/songwriter.  

If you are on this site, you’ve probably seen or heard a story that I have created. Thank you for your support.  I have many more stories I want to tell.


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